19th Porto Cartoon World Festival/ Portugal,2017

19th Porto Cartoon World Festival/ Portugal,2017

Entries should arrive at the Portuguese Printing Press Museum until February 28th 2017, with the registration formGeneral Rules and Regulations

1- Main Theme: Tourism

The United Nations (UN ) declared 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.

The purpose is clear: to encourage understanding between people and increase the contribution of tourism to the three pillars of development – economic, social and environmental.

Such a crosscutting and with worldwide serious implications theme cannot stay out of reach from the critical analysis of humorists. Their contradictions are a good gimmick for cartoonists to sharpen their pencils… In this context, the humorous reflection we are now proposing, aims to bring greater awareness on the rich legacy we received from our ancestors and of their different cultural, social and environmental values. 

Because thesevalues are often contradictory they can be a perfect inspiration for the art of humor.
2- Special Awards for Caricature
Two great figures have been appointed for the 2017 edition of the Caricature Special Awards:
Pablo PICASSO (1881 – 1973)

In 2017, it will be 80 years since the creation of “Guernica”, the emblematic work of Picasso immortalizing the bombing of the homonymous city in 1937 by the Air Force to Hitler, at the request of the dictator Francisco Franco.With his creativity, innovation and capacity for disruption, Picasso became one of the major figures of the 20th century art. In a world still full of atrocities, the evocation of Guernica shows the importance of art as an indispensable instrument to life. By proposing Picasso, the icon of modernity as a theme, we aim to inspire cartoonists and exalt their art.
António GUTERRES (1949 – )

António Guterres will be sworn in as the new United Nations Secretary-General on the 1th January 2017. He was chosen by acclamation by the Security Council and then voted in the General Assembly in October last, but it was not easy way for him. At the end of the race, surprises enlivened the dispute.After several positions in Portugal and at the United Nations (High Commissioner for Refugees), the new “diplomat of the world “ is facing a great challenge and has many monsters to fight. Fighting for peace, against discrimination; for development, against poverty; for environmental protection, against greed. In a difficult dichotomy of ‘hell’ and ‘angels’, the craving for a better world.
3- In addition to participating with cartoons on the main theme, the cartoonists can also send works for the FREE CATEGORY, as per the previous editions.4-The artists who do not wish to compete can send their works to the EXTRA-  COMPETITION section informing of this decision.5-1Works must be originals and any kind of graphical technique will be accepted, including digital artwork, sent by Internet, if the prints are SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR and if they are indicated as PRINT NUMBER ONE, or a original to this contest.5-2Can also be presented sculptures pieces of humour, in any kind of material.6-The works can have at the maximum the following measures:
– in paper, 42 x 30 cm (DIN A3);
– sculpture pieces, 42 x 30 x 30 cm7-The works should present on the reverse the following information: author´s name and address, title, theme section and year. The author’s CV in Portuguese or English (publications, exhibitions, prizes…) should also be sent.

8- Entries should arrive at the Portuguese Printing Press Museum until
February 28th 2017, with the registration form.

9- The works should be sent to:

PortoCartoon-World Festival,
The Portuguese Printing Press Museum,
Estrada Nacional 108,
nº 206, 4300-316
Porto, Portugal.

10- The participation in PortoCartoon means automatically that the author is waving copyrights of his works in any kind of support, concerning the production and diffusion of the festival.
11-AWARDS, including a TROPHY and a DIPLOMA,
will be the following:
Grand Prize Porto Cartoon 4000 Eurotravel and stay costs for the Awards Ceremony in Portugal
2nd Prize Porto Cartoon 1250 Eurotravel and stay costs for the Awards Ceremony in Portugal
3rd Prize Porto Cartoon 750 Eurotravel and stay costs for the Awards Ceremony in Portugal
Special Award for CARICATURE 1st Prize 500 Euro
Special Award for CARICATURE 2nd Prize 200 Euro
Special Award for CARICATURE 3rd Prize 100 Euro
12-The Jury will have an odd number of judges and their decision will be final with
no subjection to any kind of appeal or reclamation.
13-The awarded works will become property of the PORTUGUESE PRINTING
The others will be sent to the artists, if formally requested, after its public exhibition
during the PORT OCART OON and possible exhibition in other cities and countries.
14-In case of using non-awarded works in other cases except PortoCartoon
exhibition or its promotion, copyright payment will be made to the artists
whenever it takes place.
15-All the artists whose works are selected for the exhibition will receive a catalogue
(paperback or digital version).
16-The prizes will be delivered in 16 a public ceremony.Morada Address:
Estrada Nacional 108,
nº 206, 4300-316
Porto – PortugalOrganização 

Portuguese Printing Press Museum  

Entry form: